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Recapitulation and dream power

What is recapitulation?

The recapitulation is a very old technique from pre-Columbian times, what helps us deleting our past.
Every event, situation, people, places are connected by energy fibers and here we leave our personal energy.
If we repeat telling stories about what happened to us or maybe even a traumatic experience, they will get revitalized and our energies flows out of us.
Since 10 years I worked with this technique in single and group sessions and I could help many people by freeing them from the fearful situations.

This times there is much fear and doubt which get fueled by the the outer world.
Jobs disappear, relationships dissolve and feel for diseases go around.
If we analyze these fears, we find out they got an origin and if we get triggered we react - our body, our breath, our mind and to pay back our previous experiences.

The recapitulation is a redemption out off the vicious circle and opens new possibilities.
Who are you if you don't react on this triggers anymore?

We are connected by energy fibers with our past and present and we need to cut these energy fibers and get back our energy from situation, places and people we left there and in the same time the energy flows back where it came from and where it belongs.

I learned many techniques - the recapitulation is for me that most effective one.
Fact is - you will experience immediately - you witness how energy comes back to you and you get free.
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