What is nagual Schamanism?

Nagual Schamanism

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What is nagual Schamanism

The way of nagual Schamanism got known by the books of Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner Grau and Taisha Abelar.
it's an olmec-toltec know what came out off the pre-Columbian times and remembers us on our true being.
it's a way of warrior and seeing.
In first line we need to learn to join creation, intention, ghost, God and universe again.
we live in a world of the tonal but there is this energy body as well called the nagual.
If we remember to see so we can do incredible things and everything we see in the outer world is illusion and we recognize: we are the creators of our life.

We are permitted to learn again how to be quiet, to stop our world and to join with the part in us who knows and can do much more then our humanly, and limited form.

The female way shows us we have a womb which doesn't only produce childs but an organ of evolution and with it to make a new world or better dream it.
we easily can break the physical laws because our womb has every energy it needs to dream aware and connect us with everything, there exists.

The male way trains themselves in disciplin and concentration, through quietness and the controlled use of the sexual energy which is needed for aware dreaming.

It's a way with heart to detect our possibility and how we can use our gifts for the earths best.
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