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Institute for recapitulation

What do we explore?

We recapitulation is a very old shamanic technique from pre-Columbian times which helps us deleting our old forms and free its energies.
We founded the Institute for recapitulation about 10 years ago and researched back then how recapitulation can helps us human but our earth to and how much it frees the earth from old loads and avert of the connection to earth.

Truth is recapitulation is like no other technique which can solve energy fibres, with which we are connected to events, people or places who then steals our energy. Through solving we get our energy back and this feels everybody at moment.

What can be explored?

To the question we can place - what problems can we solve for us and earth?
Our experience in the past:

A heavy psychosis with permanent stays in clinics got solved by short periods of time after an intensive work with recapitulation. This woman got freed.
Some partnerships problems got solved.
Heavy involvements with topics before and after birth got solved.

We will continue to research and watch how it can help earth and every being on earth.
It even helps animals in its processes and energy places too which can be freed of its old experiences.

This technique of recapitulation got known by

Carlos Castaneda and Taisha Abelar
Here to recapitulation and dream power
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