welcome to sorcerers Academy and the Institute for recapitulation

We are on the way of nagual schamanism and we support people on their way from a common into an extraordinary life.

Our goal is to remember their deepest place for women and men, to remember on their deepest skills and to become in their great research journey the being they really are.

Are you ready for change?

We are an Academy and we give on the one hand know how and on the other hand tools which will direct your life into power, magic and awareness.

Our daily life feels so common we never see a reason to change it.
But.… Is your life powerful? Does your life have purpose? 
Do you live your knowledge?
Or are you like most people who got into their job that happened to be there?
How much life do you truly have?

You know that your death is your hunter?
How much time do you have to lose it on foolishness?
More about the work of the Academy here!
Here the info point of the Academy

What the real point?

What ever your problem is, our good message it is solveable.
Everything you need to live a life in freedom is - energy.
You are an energy being and energy is the ruler.
you gain and lose energy nobody out there tells you how to save so much energy so everything is possible for you.

Nobody tells you as a woman that your uterus is an organ of true power and dream power.it's normally used for reproduction. If you learn to use this beautiful, magical organ as intended You learn your true womanly being.
Here you will learn to find yourself and to use your power!

We are an Academy, so you will experience in different offers something like study programs and give you tools by the hand so you can remember your magical know.

This study programs turns mens and womens into a research journey to their selfs.
Here you can learn yourself as the extraordinary being you are because you are.

Institute for recapitulation

The Institute for recapitulation helps you taking care over your energy you left in your past, in human, places or situations.
you leave your energy very easy, if we are excited, if we had some experience that traumatized us, or if we get confronted with every time the same situation which pulls us down, makes us little or even leaches us.
The recapitulation is an ancient!
It came from the pre-Columbian times cultures and brings you all your energy back you lost in your past.
This technique called sweeping breath frees this bundled energy out of the memories and returns all used energy where it came from.

In every event we lost energy is connected by a energy fiber around our navel and with this technique they will get disconnected so the energy gets free.

Latest experience with recapitulation for soul and body:
🙌 psychoses which got solved by short periods of time.
🙌 partnerships did find back together which stood shortly before divorce.
🙌 long traumatic events got freed.
🙌 diseases got moderated.
🙌 burnout and depression got cleared

Here more:
In four point of the Academy
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