Satinka Castaneda

I am the head of the sorceress Academy and the Institute for recapitulation.
Trained health practitioner for personality development and schaman insider from North to South America for Indian tradition as well as Buddhist tradition.
Back 11 years ago I went on the way of nagual Schamanism, still going and I go besides you with my possibilities as medium between the worlds. Through remembering with your real possibilities and connecting you with the womb room of earth and intent (God).
My 7 donkeys are my family who accompanied me through very hard times and are for me a "wake up"for knowing himself and finding inside resistance.
Two years ago I resettled with my 7 donkeys from Germany to lower Austria.

Ahyoka Osario

I am Ahyoka - the name means in the Indian joy. My intention is reaching you with my drums and letting you reach the vibration of your true being. To reach your true joy, jokes and your really funny being you are - to create your theater as you want it.
It's allowed to trust yourself in this things and come in your inner ballance.
I am mother of two wonderful sons and I am from lower Austria.
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